Thursday, 20 April 2017

Can your family afford the costs of bereavement?

It's the worst possible situation to think about, and a subject that we push to the back of our minds; but if you have a family, a bereavement can be a devastating economic as well as emotional event.

Just step outside yourself for a moment and ask yourself, "Can my family afford a funeral?". You may not realise it, but the average cost of a funeral according to the Money Advice Service is £4136.

Could your family afford that lump sum, and the loss of an income at the worst possible emotional time?

If you don't have any life insurance cover, then the answer is likely to be no.

Getting a small life policy to protect you against bereavement costs doesn't need to be expensive, even if you have medical issues. Most of us like to insure our gadgets and personal possessions, but we have a blind spot when it comes to our own mortality.

Do yourself a favour and get some peace of mind, spend 10 minutes and get a quote for £10 per month from   and see how much you can protect your family for the price of 2 bottles of wine per month.


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