Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Protecting your family on a budget with Life Insurance

A lot of  people think Life Insurance is for rich people who can afford a decent premium each month, however, even if you are on a budget the benefit of a small amount of life insurance can be huge.
Unfortunately, hard as it may seem to think about, the cost of death to your family is steadily rising and your loved ones may be saddled with a considerable bill upon  a death in the family.

The Money Advice Service estimates that the average cost of a funeral alone is around £4000, depending on whether you want a burial or a cremation.

For those on a low budget, £4000 is a lot of money to find if you have no savings or assets. 

This is where having a small life insurance policy can help significantly.

Here's a quote we've just done on www.covermyfamily.co.uk for  £10,000 worth of cover for a 30 year old non smoker, over a period of 30 years.

That's it.. £5 per month to insure yourself for £10,000, more than enough for a funeral and other costs, with a bit left over.*

Don't leave your family scrabbling around for cash to pay for a Funeral, get a small life policy through www.covermyfamily.co.uk and give your family a bit of peace of mind.

*Premiums differ according to your circumstances.

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