Tuesday, 2 August 2016

See what's great about this new way of buying life cover.

We all know how frustrating buying Life cover on-line can be; you get a quote, fill in a form and then... nothing. Waiting for a call or an email from an adviser or maybe an automated system where you have to go through all your details again.
For today's busy people used to being able to buy on-line at their convenience, this is not a solution. However, here at www.covermyfamily.co.uk, you can get your quote, see the comparisons and buy on-line without having to speak to anyone or wait around on other people.

Where's the catch you may ask? Well, as long as you've no medical issues that may need specialist underwriting, there should be no problem getting your cover on-line after the on-line application process. Take a look and get your quote straight away.

Protect your family and get your life cover on-line..

Of course, if you need more specialist help, then our team of qualified protection advisers can help you over the phone and find the best solution for you.

As we say at Covermyfamily, Save time.. Quote and buy on-line..

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