Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Protecting your family on a budget with Life Insurance

A lot of  people think Life Insurance is for rich people who can afford a decent premium each month, however, even if you are on a budget the benefit of a small amount of life insurance can be huge.
Unfortunately, hard as it may seem to think about, the cost of death to your family is steadily rising and your loved ones may be saddled with a considerable bill upon  a death in the family.

The Money Advice Service estimates that the average cost of a funeral alone is around £4000, depending on whether you want a burial or a cremation.

For those on a low budget, £4000 is a lot of money to find if you have no savings or assets. 

This is where having a small life insurance policy can help significantly.

Here's a quote we've just done on www.covermyfamily.co.uk for  £10,000 worth of cover for a 30 year old non smoker, over a period of 30 years.

That's it.. £5 per month to insure yourself for £10,000, more than enough for a funeral and other costs, with a bit left over.*

Don't leave your family scrabbling around for cash to pay for a Funeral, get a small life policy through www.covermyfamily.co.uk and give your family a bit of peace of mind.

*Premiums differ according to your circumstances.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Why do we need life insurance? - simple tips to explain what you need.

Why do we need life insurance?

Although it's difficult to think about, try imagining your family situation if you or your partner had died or either of you were unable to earn. There would be bills and a mortgage to pay, possibly funeral expenses or home adaptations for critical illness; the point of protection insurance is to help you meet these liabilities.
Imagine what situation your family would be in in the event of a tragedy. It's a difficult subject to think about & not immediately important, but the issue is real. With even funeral costs reaching thousands; the knowledge that your family is protected in the event of a tragedy is very reassuring.

Who should I cover with life insurance?

Generally you can insure your own life and that of your partner, either individually or jointly. If you choose a joint policy, it will only pay out on the first death or a partner.

How Long do I need life insurance for?

Usually the amount your life insurance should cover, would be your liabilities your family would have to pay; like your mortgage, credit cards and funeral expenses. A simple way is to work out how much your family would need to be debt free.

Will my health matter?

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, you can still get life insurance, however it is likely that the insurer will want to check your medical records before offering a policy. Speaking to one of our professional advisers can make this an easier process.
I need to protect my family.

How much can Life Insurance cost?

The cost of the monthly premium varies greatly, but the general rule is that the younger you are and the healthier you are the less you will pay. Oh, and quitting smoking is the easiest way to seriously reduce premiums.

How long will the Life Cover policy last?

​The length of time your policy is to last, is called the Term of the policy. Most policies are taken out over the period that needs to be covered. For example it is a good idea to have a life policy for the term of your mortgage or until retirement age to cover your liabilities.

How much do I need to cover with Life Insurance?

Usually the amount your life insurance should cover, would be your liabilities your family would have to pay; like your mortgage, credit cards and funeral expenses. A simple way is to work out how much your family would need to be debt free.

Simple tips to protect your family http://www.covermyfamily.co.uk/

Cover My Family - Simple Quote and Buy insurance

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

See what's great about this new way of buying life cover.

We all know how frustrating buying Life cover on-line can be; you get a quote, fill in a form and then... nothing. Waiting for a call or an email from an adviser or maybe an automated system where you have to go through all your details again.
For today's busy people used to being able to buy on-line at their convenience, this is not a solution. However, here at www.covermyfamily.co.uk, you can get your quote, see the comparisons and buy on-line without having to speak to anyone or wait around on other people.

Where's the catch you may ask? Well, as long as you've no medical issues that may need specialist underwriting, there should be no problem getting your cover on-line after the on-line application process. Take a look and get your quote straight away.

Protect your family and get your life cover on-line..

Of course, if you need more specialist help, then our team of qualified protection advisers can help you over the phone and find the best solution for you.

As we say at Covermyfamily, Save time.. Quote and buy on-line..

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